Costume Diary Index

Well and so. Here we are.  I’m starting to costume again, so this is where I’m keeping my – you’ll pardon the expression, but I am a project manager after all – backlog of costume ideas. This is, like any good backlog, subject to change, so you can expect this list to be updated, expanded, and reordered as I work on projects.

If the name of the costume has a link, it should lead you to the index page for that costume diary.

  1. Simple Fest Garb for Inametaphor – Phase 1 (Planning) – a simple chemise, corset, and kirtle to get me started and back into the costuming groove.
  2. Simple Fest Garb for Shoryl – Phase 1 (Planning) – a simple set of breeches, shirt, and sash for Shoryl.
  3. Simple Fest Garb for Inametaphor – Phase 2 (Not Started) – adding on to Phase 1, this is to give my kirtle real sleeves and a partlet to turn it into real garb
  4. Simple Fest Garb for Inametaphor – Phase 3 (Not Started) – adding trim, embroidery, and other touches to fully complete it
  5. Simple Fest Garb for Shoryl – Phase 2 (Not Started) – adding finishing touches, trim, and embroidery
  6. Dutch Cheese Merchant Garb for Inametaphor (Planning) – my historical-ish take on Dutch renaissance garb
  7. Privateer Garb for Shoryl (Not Started) – something a little more historical accurate (and fancy) for Shoryl
  8. Brown Ajah cosplay for Inametaphor (Planning) – a gown and shawl for hall costumes, using a commercially-made corset
  9. The Fantastic Hat for Shoryl (Not Started) – a simple hall costume for Shoryl, consisting of a white top hat and various accessories
  10. Pixellated Black Mage for Shoryl (Not Started)
  11. Pixellated White Mage for Inametaphor (Not Started)
  12. Bikepunk Sora for Shoryl (Not Started)
  13. Bikepunk Goofy for Moe (Not Started)
  14. Bikepunk Organization XIII for Inametaphor (Not Started)
  15. Victorian Scholar Steampunk for Inametaphor (Not Started)
  16. Victorian (Something) to go with Shoryl’s hat (Not Started)
  17. Steampunk Jean Grey for Inametaphor (Not Started)
  18. Steam Punk Scott Summers for Shoryl (Not Started)
  19. Red Fraggle the Riveter for Inametaphor (Not Started)
  20. Rainbow Bright for Inametaphor (Not Started)
  21. Juri (Utena) for Inametaphor (Not Started)
  22. Mikki (Utena) for Shoryl (Not Started)