The Day After

Surreal this morning. Only a couple of windows in our building were broken, one at Dahl and one at Sushi Train. They’ve both already been boarded and cleaned up. I’m surprised they didn’t board up all of them in case it happens again tonight.

I find myself noticing really little things, like that there’s a lot less litter than I guess I expected? I can smell the sawdust from where they’re cutting boards.

I can see people helping clean up on the next block. We learned Brits had been set on fire last night. I feel a little guilty for not helping, but I think I’d be in the way.

I just saw someone walking by with a Lunds bag, so apparently they left that alone, though I read they looted the attached liquor store.

There’s something to be said for living downtown – I think we’re seeing a much faster recovery response. Can’t let those corporate windows stay broken. Heh, broken window policing. Fuck.

Shoryl and I had go bags for us and the cats last night in case any fires got too close, but for all that I slept all night (an irony, that, given my issues sleeping).

I wish I could be one of those people who writes something really eloquent about all this, but I’m just tired.

I know this is all about property damage, but that’s where things are at this morning. I don’t know what tonight will bring. I’m thinking about the kind of anger that rages because it’s been ignored for so damn long that it has no other outlet. I wish my mayor and the commission hadn’t been too gutless to actually pursue the kind of policing reform that could begin the smallest amount of healing for my city.