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Closing Wiscon Tabs

(This was originally posted on my now-defunct Dreamwidth blog)

I’m still trying to get through all the recs from Wiscon, which may be a losing proposition.

To Do in Tent (Untitled Goose Game/GBBO) by Mithrilgil: “It is a lovely morning in the Bake-off Tent, and you know exactly what this fic is about.”

god loves everybody, don’t remind me (MCU Black Panther) by napricot: “Erik gets a do-over. Erik gets a lot of do-overs. Or: Erik Killmonger’s own personal version of Groundhog Day, only with a lot more murder, dying, trips to the ancestral plane, awkward family conversations, and divine intervention.”

The Long Road Home (Hunger Games) by deathmallow: Want a million words of THG AU with Haymitch as your main chacter? Here you go. NB: I’ve only read up through Part 7.

AO3 hits 6 million fanworks. Wow.

Unfavorable Odds: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes – this is the first review I’ve seen for the Hunger Games prequel. I’ve been skeptical ever since Collins announced the main character would be Snow, but it’s still sad to see that yeah, that was not a great idea.