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Locus Finalists

(This was originally posted on my now-defunct Dreamwidth blog)

The Locus 2020 Finalist lists are out.

I keep meaning to read all or most of the F/SF novels, and thankfully many of them were already on my radar from Wiscon. The ones I already had on my wishlist:

  • The Future of Another Timeline
  • The Raven Tower
  • A Memory Called Empire
  • Gideon the Ninth

The only ones I know I won’t be reading for sure are the horror novels and short fiction. I keep trying to like short fiction, and I keep bouncing off it. I may try other categories if I finish with all the novels that look interesting, but that’s somewhat unlikely given my historical rate of actually reading them.

I also won’t be reading The City in the Middle of the Night. I love Charlie Jane, but after reading All the Birds in the Sky, I don’t think her fiction is for me. That’s a personal reaction, not at all a comment on the quality of the work.