Sky-Tinted Waters mini-reviews

For anthologies, I’ll be adding my thoughts about each story or essay here on the site. You can find the full review on GoodReads (if that’s not a link, I haven’t finished the book yet.)

For Sky-Tinted Waters, I went in completely blind – I haven’t even looked at the table of contents. To be fair, though, this book ended up in my hands because a friend has a story published in it, so I’ll get to that … somewhere, I’m sure.

Tutivillus, Lyda Morehouse

Well. This was a pleasant and unexpected surprise (though it shouldn’t necessarily have been). It’s a foregone conclusion that I’ll enjoy pretty much anything Lyda chooses to write, more so if she’s playing around with demons and angels. (It’s a great sadness that I haven’t been able to get my hands on Archangel Protocol yet.) This is as clever and cheeky as her work always is, so if you like Lyda, you’ll like this. The story does end somewhat more abruptly than I’d like, almost as if it came to an arbitrary hard word limit. Lovely throughout, though.

Siren, Jason D. Wittman
This review contains mild spoilers

This was a cute little story that was fun, but didn’t leave much of an impression. I was continually reminded of Star Trek IV and Contact while I read it, but that’s not a slight, simply an observation. The story ticks along quickly, and it felt quite short. The resolution could use a lot of expansion and I think it would be stronger for it. And the title should have been a hint. I need to stop skipping titles.

Misprint, Tyler Tork

Another cute little story that doesn’t leave much of an impression, though I really liked the narrative voice here. Kind of like a demented C.S. Lewis, perhaps.

The Starlite, Joel Arnold