Stuff I Read

Looking ahead

I’m still buried more than neck deep in my TBR pile(s) right now, but I know someday, I’ll be buying books again. When I’m putting together my wishlist, I generally keep an ear on the buzz I’m hearing around me. Partially because people talk about the books that grab them, and partially because I believe that reading the books (or consuming the other media) that are the touchstones of your fandom is a good idea.

Awards can (sometimes) do that. I’m not going to turn this into an awards meta-post, as I believe there are quite enough of those. Suffice to say, briefly, that I’m displeased with the state of the Hugos this year, and more inclined to other sources. Moving on to more pleasant things, the Locus Awards Finalists for 2015 came out recently, and I see a number of interesting things that seem likely to appeal to me.

I’m mostly jotting my thoughts down here as a matter of reference later, but tell me: have you read any of these? What did you think of them?

  • Ancillary Sword, Ann Leckie – book 2 of a series; book 1 is already on my wishlist
  • The Three Body Problem, Cixin Liu – I really know nothing about this one, except for the fact that it has quite a buzz, and I’ve been wanting to read more translated fiction.
  • Lock In, John Scalzi – already on the list
  • The Goblin Emperor, Katherine Addison – I keep seeing this one mentioned everywhere
  • Steles of the Sky, Elizabeth Bear – book 3 of a series, book 1 was highly lauded
  • The Magician’s Land, Lev Grossman – book 3 of a series. I’ve heard the series is good, but possibly problematic and over-hyped. Nonetheless, book 1 is already on my wishlist.
  • The Mirror Empire, Kameron Hurley – like Scalzi, I’m coming to Hurley first through her non-fiction (blog) writing. This seems like a good jumping-on point.