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My Grand Life Plan, 2015 edition

Remember the Great TBR project? The one I started a scant few months before I went back to school, in 2013? Oof. Now that school is over, I’m back to pursuing my Grand Life Plan to learn, create, or do one new thing every year. For 2015, I’m revisiting that TBR project.


I’ve changed my methodology a few times while anticipating the project. For a while, I thought it would be entertaining to use a random number generator to determine which fiction, nonfiction, and anthologies I read each week. Then I remembered that RNG hates me. Now that all my books are piled up in one spot, I’ve decided to just pull something off the top of the stack that looks interesting. I’ll also be reading one book on my Kindle a week, so that I don’t end up having to read a whole lot of books on Kindle all at once.

The components of this plan are fluid and subject to change, but so far, here’s what this year’s plan is shaping up like:

  • I need to read about 10 books a month to finish by March 2016. (This is a bit of a stretch, even for me.)
  • I’ll be writing reviews for each book, though I haven’t yet decided if they’ll be on GoodReads or here.
  • I’m probably going to be building a whimsical bookshelf with Becca to hold my TBR in the future.
  • During the year, I’ll be adding books to my wishlist, of course…
  • And some books off that wishlist will be my reward for making space for more books!
  • In addition to the books I already own, I’ll be keeping up with the books of the month on the SciFi and Fantasy Book Club group on GoodReads.
  • There will be quotes as I find them, probably posted to Facebook.
  • There may be essays on things I find interesting while I read, though that involves finding time for them.
  • Who knows, I may even let y’all vote on what I tackle next from the full list.

Can I read 119 books in a year? I expect to thoroughly enjoy finding out.