Welcome to the inside of my head

Oh, hey there.

I found myself needing somewhere to just put things, like the spare furniture.  So I dashed off a new blog.

What you’ll find here are my random musings about various things, book reviews, costume diaries, knitting projects, maybe some other things I find amusing or thoughtful.  At least, that’s my intent.

It’s so shiny and new, though, so who can tell?

If you’re from one of my other online presences, this one is … personal.  You know how online marketing gurus tell you to have a definite focus, and avoid wide-ranging, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink, photos-of-my-cats types of blogs?

This is one of them.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the inside of my head”

  1. sounds like a good way to keep up with how you are doing in life? OTOH the first line made me think “cleaning out her head like she has been purging the apartment of extra stuff?”

  2. I’ve always been fascinated by your thought processes. sometimes they confuddle me, but they are interesting.

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